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    Carbide Cutting Wheels

    Fletcher Carbide Cutting Wheels are created from an exclusively formulated micrograin, tungsten carbide composition for extraordinary strength and resilience. Our formula also ensures that the cutting properties of our wheels remain consistent, which means superior edge quality for your end product. Lubrication treatment is applied to each Fletcher cutting wheel & axle, pro-longing the life of the cutting edge by reducing friction.

    Areas to consider for glass scoring:

    • Cutting Force: Works in conjunction with the Cutting Wheel Diameter & Angle.
    • Cutting Wheel Diameter & Angle: When selecting the approiate cutting wheel, one needs to determine glass thickness and if straight or shape (pattern) is needed.
    • Speed of Cutting Wheel: Typically operating parameters are set to yield a certain score quality, ease of break-out, and edge quality
    • Cleanliness of Glass
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